Clean filters and drippers. Reduction of waterlogging, resulting in uniform plants.

Nicolás López, Nejite Producciones S.L., organic producer of red California pepper, Berja

Thanks to the irrigation with BIHOX we have had a second production on the vine. Spongier soil and healthier roots.

Antonio Pérez and Lola García, Wine Farmers, Murcia, Spain.

Irrigating with Bihox improves the growth of pepper plants and reduces nematode infestations.

Francisco Jose Robles, grower of red California pepper, Berja

With BIHOX I control ash (powdery mildew) continuously. Difference in vigour, rennet, quality and brightness of the pepper.

Sebastián Prados, grower of red California pepper, Berja

On-farm testing of watermelon and peppers. Efficacy of Bihox in the total reduction of root nematodes.

Serafín Martínez, organic producer, Berja

Test at Finca Marbella, Berja. Batilla disappears at the root thanks to irrigation with BIHOX Agro.

Antonio Miguel, pepper grower, Berja

On farms with Bihox for irrigation, shoots appear earlier and in greater quantity. The crop increases and the fruit improves.

José Luis, organic producer, Balerma

Bihox in irrigation keeps filters and drippers clean. Reduces chlorates and perchlorates in the crop.

Juan Moya, organic tomato and cucumber grower from La Cañada, Almeria.

Savings in treatment products. More kilos of production and more vigorous fruit. Improved irrigation.

José Soto, organic producer, Almeria

Thanks to irrigation with Bihox, the nematodes (nematodes), which have been tested on the roots, disappear. Watermelon bushes grow more vigorously

Antonio Miguel, grower of red California pepper, Berja

With Bihox the plants have improved, they do not dry out and grow more vigorously. The soil is spongier

Juan Luis Sánchez, organic grower of red California pepper, Berja

On our Red Jasper watermelon farm the root is whiter, new apices, follicles and absorbing hairs are growing.

Lorenzo Sevilla, organic producer of California pepper, Berja

Since we have been using Bihox we have no ash. The expert sees an improvement in the quality and size of the courgettes.

Serafín Martínez, organic pepper and courgette grower, Berja

The difference in quality can be seen in the peppers. The dry orange trees are growing new shoots when watered with Bihox.

Juan Sánchez, organic grower of orange and yellow California peppers. Berja

More new pepper shoots in the cold season by irrigating with Bihox. Cleaner irrigation filters and drippers.

José Luis, organic producer of California pepper, Balerma

On farms with Bihox, the quality of the pepper is higher than in previous seasons. The pepper wall is thicker.

Manuel Olivencia, grower of yellow pepper insigina, Adra

Cherry tomatoes improve in size, uniformity and quantity. Cucumbers grow with better colour and quality. Higher production in kilos.

Joaquín Góngora, organic pepper, cherry tomato and cucumber grower, Níjar

Cortijo Demeter, Almeria. Increases the growth of tomatoes and cucumbers. Reduction of chlorates and perchlorates in crops.

Juan Moya, organic producer, La Cañada, Almeria

Benefits BIHOX Agro. Soil/air pathogen prevention. Foliar stimulation. Crop soil oxygenation. Model HSP 1

Antonio, table grape grower, Lorca, Murcia, Spain.

Benefits BIHOX Agro. Cleaning of the irrigation system. Oxygenation of root system and substrates. Model HSP 2

Antonio Miguel, Finca Marbella, Berja, Almeria

Benefits BIHOX Agro. Increases crop yield. Infection prevention. Improves plant health. Model HSP 3

Juan Fernando, in charge of organic production farm, Berja